Quotations are subject to the provision of the following facilities free of charge;

  • Welfare and toilet facilities
  • Power (240v/110v) within place of work
  • Adequate lighting
  • Unrestricted access to the area of work for personnel and equipment
  • Any access equipment required to undertake works must be provided, sited and maintained by the client

The following conditions of contract apply;

  • Retention will not apply to any contract resulting from this offer
  • No contract will be undertaken without signed or electronic (email/SMS/Whatsapp) acceptance/conformation of works to be carried out which will serve as authorisation to proceed and acceptance of our terms and conditions
  • A contract entire or areas within a contract will be deemed as completed upon the client/site supervisor signing the daily worksheet. In the absence of a client representative, the technician will sign that works have been completed to a satisfactory standard
  • Although extremely rare, incorrect fitting, packing, placement of internal space bars or edge faults can cause glass to crack or shatter when pressure is applied. This is increased when working close to the edge of the frame (typically within 30mm).  Scratched Glass Services Ltd will not be held accountable/liable in such a situation. In such an event, no charges will be made for works carried out on said panes. Scratched Glass Services Ltd will not be responsible for replacement or any costs relating to replacement of broken glass.
  • Should our technicians arrive on site to undertake glass polishing works and be unable to affect repairs due to situations and/or conditions beyond our control (eg; cracked glass, insecure fittings, inappropriate/hazardous conditions, restricted/no access etc etc) we reserve the right to reschedule said works for which there may be an additional charge. Charges for the original visit will still be chargeable.
  • If glass has been coated with a self cleaning or similar applied film coating, we will be unable to identify this prior to polishing. Carrying out glass polishing works on glass with an applied film coating could result in discolouration or ‘porthole’ effects being visible on the polished surface. this can be rectified by polishing the entire pane of which extra charges may be incurred or by applying a replacement coating. in such a situation Scratched Glass Services Ltd will not be held liable.
  • Not being able to view the glass from both sides, either through not having access or through blinds/curtains restricting view, could result in slight haze or misting remaining after polishing. In such an event , a return visit will be required to rectify the situation which may be chargeable.
  • Any on-site inductions required will be classed as time on site and charged accordingly.
  • The minimum acceptable standard for completed glass polishing works shall be in line with the ‘Standards of Visual Quality for Installed Flat Glass’ as laid out by the Glass and Glazing Federation.
  • Adverse weather conditions. Although we make every effort to confirm the weather conditions for the day, Scratched Glass Services Ltd cannot be responsible for any time lost due to adverse weather conditions. It is company procedure to monitor weather conditions for upcoming contract locations in the days leading up to the commencement of the contract. Should we feel that the weather is unsuitable for glass polishing we will inform you and offer to reschedule. Should you instruct us to proceed on the original date and are unable to work due to the weather, our charges will be for time on site and not for works completed. Any additional labour required to complete a contract will be charged for accordingly.

This offer is made subject to the following terms;

  • Bank details being provided, and acceptable credit references being obtained.
  • Pro-forma invoice conditions apply on 1st order placed.
  • For contracts with a total value in excess of £2,500, 50% of the total quoted value will be invoiced on a pro-forma basis and must be settled prior to the commencement of the contract with the balance paid on receipt of final invoice.
  • Payment due by the date shown on the invoice.
  • Statutory Interest charged at 8% plus the Bank of England base rate will be applied to late payment of invoices.
  • All prices quoted are at Net.
  • Any contractual administration required by your company must be presented before the commencement of a contract. No documents will be accepted or signed by Scratched Glass Services Ltd after the contract has commenced. Our commencement of a contract does not signify our agreement or acceptance of your terms and conditions unless your terms and conditions have been signed by an authorised representative of Scratched Glass Services Ltd prior to the commencement of the contract.

Sundry Charges

  • We have allowed for the following working hours; 08:00 – 16:00, unless different hours have been agreed beforehand.
  • Delays or waiting time outside of our control will be charged at £50 per man hour.
  • Aborted visits/extra time may be charged.
  • Cancellation of confirmed contracts must be received in writing (post/email/SMS/Whatsapp) 48 hours in advance of the proposed commencement of the contract. Failure to notify within this time will result in charges for aborted visits.