What types of glass can be repaired?

All types of glass can be repaired using our system. Toughened, Plate, Tempered, Float, Laminated, Mirrored, Coloured, Smart and even Bullet Proof or Ballistic glass can be repaired. The only exception to this is textured glass or glass that has a protective film or tint film applied, the film will have to be removed first.

Are repairs visible?

No, done properly by a qualified technician glass polishing creates no haze or distortion bringing the glass back to original condition.

Can my scratched glass be repaired?

Of course it can, it’s what we do! If someone other than a glass polisher tells you it can’t be repaired they either cannot do it themselves or they want to sell you another piece of glass, which in most cases is the more expensive option.

Does glass polishing weaken the glass?

The glass has already been weakened by the scratch. By polishing it out we remove the stress the scratch created, creating a sound piece of glass.

Can you repair tinted glass?

Yes, as the glass has been manufactured with the tint all the way through, polishing has no effect on the tint.

If I can feel the scratch with my fingernail can it be repaired?

Yes it can, we can remove any scratch including heavy graffiti acid etching and weld and grind spatter.

Can coated glass be repaired?

Some glass is coated in a self-cleaning or UV reflective substance. Glass that has this coating can be repaired but the polishing process will create a ‘porthole’ effect in the coating. The glass will then have to be re-coated at additional cost.

What areas do you cover?

Based in Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire we cover London and the Home Counties, East Anglia, and The Midlands.  We are also happy to work further afield, please contact us for information.


What payment methods do you accept?

We can issue an invoice on site once work is complete. We can accept payments by cash, cheque or by BACS transfer.