Glass Scratches

  • The most common causes of scratch damage on glass are:
    Scraper damage – where misuse of a scraper has caused the debris to create small scratches across a pane of glass
  • Trowel damage – where a dull metal edged tool has been used to remove cement or render from glass. Unlike the scraper the tool causes the damage
  • Brillo pads – commonly found on shop fronts and restaurants where abrasive pads have been used to clean stubborn stains from glass
  • Sandpaper scratches –caused when decorators use sandpaper or sanding blocks to prepare frames for painting or staining. Unfortunately because the scratches are close to the edge of the glass the only way to repair the glass distortion free is to remove the glass from the frame. Because of this in most cases replacement of the glass is usually the cheaper option.


Glass Graffiti

  • Scratch graffiti – is a form of graffiti using an object such as a screwdriver or stanley knife to etch a tag into glass. It cannot be cleaned off using traditional methods and is intended to be permanent.
  • The tag serves as a calling card and an invitation to other graffiti artists to better it. Once you have one tag on your glass within a week you may have 3 or 4 more detracting the look of your property
  • Acid etching – graffiti on glass using acid or glass etching products purchased from craft stores. These are then transferred to bingo dabbers or similar and used in the same manner as a pen. Once applied it does not show at first but burns into the glass over time, the longer it stays on the glass the deeper it corrodes.


Mineral Deposits

If glass is not cleaned regularly enough, limescale, algae, hard water and salt can

stain glass. Collectively called mineral damage, once glass becomes stained it’s very difficult to remove using traditional methods.

The good news is that this damage can be repaired quickly and cost effectively.

Weld and Grinder Spatter

Caused when grinding or welding operations are carried out close to glass without first protecting it and as such one of the most annoying forms of glass damage. Molten metal fragments embed themselves into the surface of the glass

If left, over time these fragments then rust causing an undesirable appearance to the glass. Removing weld and grinder spatter is time consuming to remove and only really cost effective for larger units.